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Attention all Dessert Lovers, every good event rounds off with fantastic desserts so why not order some homemade treats for your wedding or party………….

We have put together a delicious range of desserts from a rich indulgent Chocolate Rum Terrine to a more refined Baked Lemon Curd Cheesecake. I’m sure we have something for everyone, if we haven’t, you are more than welcome to ask…….. we aim to please!


Lemon Tart

A classic tart that everyone loves. Made with fresh lemons, double cream & sugar.


Lemon, Lime & Stem Ginger Cheesecake

Fresh limes & fresh lemons give this dessert a real zing.
Then we add stem ginger to make it extra special.
Decorated with stem ginger & candied lime.


Baked Lemon Curd Cheesecake

Deliciously tangy with a homemade lemon curd topping.


Raspberry & Vanilla Cheesecake

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Carrot Cake

With walnuts, orange & almonds, with an orange buttercream – gluten free


Chocolate, Almond & Orange Truffle Cake

– gluten free 


Lemon & Almond Polenta Cake

With a lemon drizzle – gluten free


Rosewater & Lavender Gateaux

Decorated with rose petals & lavender

£25.00  serves 20

Somerset Spiced Apple Cake

Dairy free


Chocolate Rum Terrine

This dessert can be served straight from the freezer


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Individual Cakes for a Buffet

Chocolate Espresso Brownies

For chocolate addicts! Made with espresso coffee, walnuts & dates – Gluten free

24     £28.80


(Can be cut to a smaller size for your buffet if required)

Small Chocolate & Beetroot Cupcakes

Decorated with chocolate fondant and pink & red edible hearts

24     £30.00     

Yoghurt Topped Blackcurrant Flapjack

An oat bar with a blackcurrant filling with a yoghurt & white chocolate topping.

24     £22.32     £0.93    28 days

Date & Honey Oat Slices

An oat slice with a date & honey filling - one of our long-standing favourites.

24     £18.48     £0.77    14 days

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